by L. M. Cruz

          July 25, 2008. It is 6:15 P.M. and I am comfortably cozy at home--the most peaceful and perfect place in the world. I know many people would wish to be in a place like this--so safe, so calm, so exceptional. 
          It is a nice day. It rained today and everything is quiet and dark. I love rainy days because I feel sleepier. I just hear how drops fall while I close my eyes. I am just trying to relax right now, but I know something, which has never happened to me before, is going to happen. I am afraid since I woke up today. The reason? Well, my mom told me that today I must go out. I am going to dine-out for the first time. This wouldnít be so scary for many people, I guess, but I have never been out of my house. My house is everything I need. It is actually the only place I know in the world. My place has everything I could
want. I never asked anybody for help, for a different place. However, mom told me it is time to see new places and meet new people. She said everything is going to be fine. Sheís going to be with me all the time. Even when she says that, I canít help being scared. I donít understand why do I have to go outside if I have everything in here. 
It is 6:40, and I hear people outside. Mom says it is time. Oh God, my heart is beating so fast. I always hate to be pushed. No, please I am fine in here. Donít open the door. Thereís too much light. Oh God. I canít see. I canít breathe. 
I canít believe I am outside. I can breathe now, but it feels like a different air. My nose hurts. Everything is so weird, so shiny. I can feel how heavy and disgusting is all of this. It wasnít supposed to be so awful. I just want to eat right now. Thank God mom is here. She always keeps her word. Mom is feeding me, and I canít be any happier because I am in her arms, instead of that lady-in-white's arms. It is time. Here it comes--my milk.


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