Travel articles are divided up into the following 12 types. Each has its particular use in publications and all aren't used all the time. If you plan on getting into travel writing, you'll need to know the difference between each one and when best to use it.

1. ADVICE - basically a service piece that helps the reader make a decision.
Example: Should You Book Air Travel Online?

2. HERE AND NOW - a topical article with limited life. 
Example: Christmas in Williamsburg

3. FLAVOR - an article using the five senses.
Example: Savor Mexico

4. ROUNDUP - a collection of information on the same topic. Example: The Top 10 Romantic Inns

5. HOW - an article about how to get there.
Example: Training Across America

6. WHAT - an article about an activity--what to do?
Example: Kayaking the Coast of Oregon

7. HISTORICAL - an article featuring the historical aspects of travel.
Example: The Grand Tour Revisited

8. HUMOR - exaggerated adventures.
Example: Wild and Wooly Nights in Las Vegas

9. DESTINATION - also called DEFINITIVE--the last word on a place.
Example: Yellowstone, the Granddaddy of National Parks

10. GIMMICK - an idea in very sharp focus.
Example: All About Suitcases

11. WH0 - an article that centers around a particular group of people. 
Example: Honeymooning in Paradise

12. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE - sharing a personal experience with the reader.
Example: Horsetreking Through Hell


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