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by Travel Dan
Front Age Publishing, La Canada, CA ISBN: 0-9721813-0-X


Travel seems glamorous to most people. Those who have lots of money travel in luxury with few hassles. Those who don’t travel on a budget with lots of hassles. Travel Dan’s book What! Me Travel? is dedicated to helping the beginning budget traveler save time, energy, and, yes, even sanity in seeking out life’s adventures. In a concise–and sometimes humorous–volume, he takes the mystery out of traveling, focusing on travel for the common man and woman.

Unfortunately, no book on how to travel is unbiased. And Travel Dan’s is no different. He speaks to the budget traveler–i.e., the cheap traveler. His book has the mindset of middle-class America and relays his information with those persons in mind.

Travel Dan peels back the sometimes complex layers of travel to explain the basics while having fun with his reader. With an extensive background in the retail travel industry, the author speaks from the heart. He provides the inside track to finding travel bargains, such as using the services of coupon brokers.

Throughout the book he offers Web sites for easy reference, making his book an interactive reference guide. Travel Dan covers all the basics–air travel, hotels, car rentals, tour packages, preparing the trip, travel guidebooks, train travel, bus travel, and hitchhiking.

"What! Me Travel?" explains how to do everything from researching the trip of your dreams to helping any traveler make the absolute most of their trip. Travel Dan’s book offers beginning travelers a streamlined reference with anecdotes and lots of advice. This is the ultimate guide on how to travel. Travel Dan leaves where to travel up his readers.


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