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Civil War Doctor's Tent, Fort Bridger, Wyoming

Along the Route of Cortes
Caribbean Islands Rediscover Columbus
Don't Talk to the Motorman
Fermety for Pottage and Venison Fine—The Origin of the Christmas Feast

In Search of the Overland Trail
In Search of the Real King Arthur
Men in Search of Whales  
Of Mystery, Smugglers, and Stormy Nights

Old Rhinebeck AerodromeA Living Aviation Museum 
Preserving History Key to Caribbean Tourism

Restoring the Honor of the Fallen   
South Pass City:  A Ghost Town with a Life of it Own
St. PierreThe Pompeii of the Caribbean
Stained Glass Restoration Preserves Centuries of Beauty
The Empire Below
The Glory of Steam Railroading Lives on in Steamtown 

The Legends of Pancho Villa

The Misadventures of the Delta Queen's Calliope

The Dream of Flight  
The Drama Along the Oregon Trail 
The Migration Begins
The Origins of Afternoon Tea
Wagon Tracks West
Wagons Across Wyoming: 150 Years on the Oregon Trail


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