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My Resume

Writing has been my life and my work for the last 33 years. During that time, I've had the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects, researching many of them on travels to over 75 countries. I've produced over 5,000 articles and 15 books.

My friends call me a Renaissance man and perhaps that's so, for I relish in exploring new things. I write non-fiction because I feel that fact is infinitely more interesting than fiction. However, in one of my most successful books, Shipwrecks and Buried Treasure: The Outer Banks from Globe Pequot Press, I crossed the boundary between nonfiction and fiction, writing an historical narrative of the harrowing disasters in the seas off North Carolina. 

My other love is photography. Twenty-one years ago, I embraced digital photography. At the time, it was young technology. Today, it has reached unbelievable goals and, using it, my photography has improved greatly. So much so, that now I teach others to not only to use their digital cameras, but also to learn to compose real photographs--photographs of their loved ones, nature, and the world around them.

I've authored 15 books, four in 2006 alone. One of them, The Everything Family Guide to Mexico, is the result of over 25 years of travel to all but five states in Mexico. Another, How to Recognize and Refinish Antiques for Pleasure and Profit, defines my love of antique collecting. My second book devoted to antiques, it helps readers to take care of their collections. In addition to my books, my articles have appeared in many national and international publications, including Adventure West, Delta Sky, Business Traveller(UK), British Heritage, Discover Mexico, AntiqueWeek, and Executive Traveler. I've also been a regular contributor to such business publications as The Philadelphia Business Journal and Operations Management, a financial newsletter. And for my travel writing, I've received Mexico's prestigious La Pluma de Plata Award and the Real Award from Westin Hotels, as well as awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publishers for my excellent writing on Mexico. Read the awarding-winning article.

Bob Brooke Communications

Bob Brooke Communications is my company–the umbrella under which I work in writing, photography, education, and Web design. As a communicator in the 21st Century, my goal is to provide excellent communications for our fast-changing world. It's my sincere hope that I'll be able to do this more effectively under this brand name. 

This Web site now has a five-fold purpose: To showcase my writing and photography, as well as make it easier for my students to chose which of my courses to enroll in and to highlight the best of their work.. In addition, the design of this site now also reflects a sample of my Web design used by BBC Web Services, the Web design division of my company.

Each special section--Travel, Mexico, Business, History, Antiques, and Technology--offers a sample list of articles I've written for magazines and newspapers in these subject areas over the past several years and allows you to read portions of some of them. The Books section offers you a glimpse of the books I've written, while the photographs on each page and those in my new Photo Gallery showcase some of my best photographic work. 

And the information sections--Editors , Speaker's Corner, and Contact--allow editors, publishers and other journalists to contact me directly and obtain E-mail synopses of articles and books currently being researched and those available for publication, as well as lectures I have available for presentation. I've also provided a Reading List of my favorite books and stories for all to enjoy, as well as a comprehensive Book Review section. All of my recent writing has been commissioned entirely by E-mail. This site aims to make that process easier.

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A room without books is like a body without a soul.  —Cicero


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