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A Moon Guidebook
by Bruce Whipperman

Avalon Travel - ISBN: 1-56691-419-1

"Guadalajara, Guadalajara...," so the lyrics go to a song that’s probably the most popular among mariachi bands in the State of Jalisco. Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, is just as popular among travelers to Mexico, especially those of retirement age.

Bruce Whipperman, through extensive research and years of experience in Mexico has distilled this vibrant city down into a handy guidebook, chock full of useful and unique information.

Guadalajara is the ultimate guidebook for experiencing this city to the fullest. Fascinating historical sections give readers just enough details to help them understand why Guadalajara is the way it is today. But Whipperman makes sure to offer plenty of information about attractions, food and accommodations, too.

He divides his book into the city’s main districts so that if a reader has only a short time there, he or she can still have an in-depth experience in one or two areas. Moon Handbooks are known for their unique itinerary ideas–not as off-the-beaten-path as Lonely Planet, but with enough creativity thrown in so the average traveler can get to know the local culture.

Guadalajara, especially districts like Tlaquepaque, is known for excellent shopping. For the "shop-til-you-drop" crowd, Whipperman’s guidebook is a godsend. He devotes whole sections of his book to descriptions of shops and the items for sale within them. He also offers the most efficient way to get to and from the main shopping districts–Tlaquepaque (originally a separate town but now part of the city), Tonala (a village known for its traditional potteries) and the Mercado Libertad in downtown Guadalajara.

Though Whipperman’s book is long on facts and details, it’s far from boring. He writes in a friendly style that will have readers feeling as if the jovial author is right by their side during their entire stay in Guadalajara, the mariachi capital of Mexico. This is absolutely the best guidebook to Guadalajara on the market.

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