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by Jim Miller
Hyperion; ISBN: 1401307493


According to Jim Miller, author of The Savvy Senior, someone turns 50 every 7 seconds. In the next five years, the senior population in America will double from 35 to 70 million. Miller writes a highly successful and well-read syndicated newspaper column of the same name and now has gathered many of these into one volume.

Seniors seem to have lots of questionsĖwhat with Medicare, Alzheimerís, retirement planning, life-care facilities, and, of course, social security benefits. But most seniors donít think about answers to these questions until they have to.

Many seniors are uncomfortable using computers, so searching the Internet is out. Millerís book provides computer handicapped seniors a one-stop resource to answer many of their questions.

He begins with a discussion of the senior lifestyle, providing valuable information about such topics as driver safety, volunteerism, employment, identity theft, finances and money-management, genealogy and, especially how to become computer literate.

Miller goes on to discuss five major subjects of interest to seniorsĖhome, health, Medicare and more, social security, and financesĖin a light humorous, but factual, writing style that holds seniorís attention. Throughout the book, he highlights facts, statistics and discounts in "Savvy Notes," and offers lists of Web sites, books and pamphlets in "Savvy Resources." He also offers small bits of advice such as "many different types of medications affect the ability to taste" in his "Savvy Tips."

Numerous checklists, always good, as well as resource lists and charts make it easy for senior readers to learn about the complexities of living trusts, IRAs, prescription drug benefits, and the effects of downsizing.

Of course, seniors ask the most questions about social security and Medicare, but Millerís book also discusses such topics as reverse mortgages, after-retirement employment, long-term care communities, choosing a financial planner, disability and other types of insurance, as well as what symptoms to be aware of in certain diseases prevalent in the senior population. He even talks about planning funerals and scams in that industry.

But this book isnít written just for seniors. Itís also a godsend to those who care for seniors. Miller offers many insights into not only senior care, but also how to protect the elderly from door-to-door and telemarketing scams.

Miller covers the gamut of senior questions in this informative book. No senior should be without a copy. Itís a must read for anyone over 50.

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