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(Second Edition)
by Bruce and June Conord
Hunter Publishing, Inc., Edison, NJ ISBN 1-55650-908-1


ADVENTURE GUIDE TO THE YUCATAN, CANCUN & COZUMELThe Yucatan is one of Mexico’s most fascinating regions, not only for the beauty of its coastlines but also for the intriguing history surrounding its towns and villages. Bruce and June Conord take their readers on a personal tour of the region, annotating their favorite places with tips and hints to make any traveler’s stay in the Yucatan a pleasant one.

With the myriad of guidebooks to Mexico on the market, it can be confusing as to which one to read. In the case of the Yucatan, the Conords first book on the subject left a lot to be desired. But they’ve definitely worked hard upgrading their second edition. Now this is a book I’d recommend to anyone traveling in the Yucatan.

Traveling with the Conords throughout the Yucatan is like having them right alongside you as you explore the villages, beaches, towns and historic sites of the peninsula. The authors greatly improved and enhanced their section on travel essentials, entitling the new chapter "Get Ready, Set, Go!" They’ve added a full ten pages of detailed travel information so that their readers won’t get caught short when they arrive in Mexico.

The biggest improvement in the second edition is the enhanced table of contents. While the first edition offered basic headings, the new edition expands those headings into sub-topics so that readers don’t have to needlessly thumb through the book trying to find a particular topic.

The size of the book is larger, too, making it easier to read. In fact, the layout of the second edition makes reading this book a pleasure. Also, the Conords have added more of their own black and white photographs and easy-to-read maps, as well as gray highlighting on the page ends indicating the location of the main sections of the book–the Introduction followed by sections on the States of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan.

In short, this isn’t just a book for weekend beachgoers to Cancun. This is a book for the all-around traveler to the Yucatan, one who wants to know the history, culture and people who live there.


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