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Inside the 9/11 Plot and Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It
by John Miller and Michael Stone
with Chris Mitchell

Hyperion, NY - ISBN 0-7868-6900-3

The CellJust short of a year after the horrendous 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York, many Americans not directly affected by the attack have probably forgotten the details. But John Miller and Michael Stone’s book, among many that have flooded the market in recent weeks, painfully brings them to the surface again in an effort to understand the behind-the-scenes action of America’s own al Qaeda terrorist cell.

Let’s face it, even Hyperion, the publisher of this book, has more interest in the bottom line than in Americans’ right to know. Their motive for publishing this book is one of money–pure and simple.

But the collaborative efforts of John Miller and Michael Stone go far beyond the buck. They’re journalists– and good ones at that. It’s their intense and deep reporting that makes this book one readers will find hard to put down.

In today’s broadcast media-controlled world, it’s a real challenge for journalists to report on any major event. Once the media gets their hands in things, it’s often hard for journalists to seek out the truth. But the further readers get into this book, the more they’ll realize that what they’re reading is the truth and not entertainment.

This 336-page book is riveting, as full of excitement as any adventure thriller or crime novel. The pieces of this vast puzzle slowly fall into place as page after page reveals the pre-history of 9/11. It all started with a few individuals who immigrated to the United States from various Middle Eastern and Asian countries. These individuals form the core for a powerful terrorist cell right in New York under the very noses of the police and FBI.

One of the most dangerous of these men was Ranzi Yousef, a Pakistani with a hellish master plan, which included the successful bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. This surprised both the FBI and the New York Police, who seemed to care more about protocol than preventing terrorist attacks.

This story isn’t just about terrorists but also the petty politics and territorial squabbling that prevent our law enforcement agencies from doing their jobs. While most Americans feel safe knowing that we have an effective police force and national agencies like the FBI, the truth based on Miller and Stone’s findings is that we’re far from secure.

Our own basic freedoms provided by our Constitution also allowed these terrorists to plan and execute their acts. The very thing that our country has fought so hard to preserve–the basic rights of man–is what helped to bring down the World Trade Center Towers. Nearly all the terrorists involved immigrated to the U.S. and eventually married American women so that they could become citizens legally. One of them was even in the U.S. Army.

The initial interview with Osama bin Laden is chilling to say the least. The Cell shows just how moniacal this man really is. His own country exiled him and renounced his citizenship. He uses the enthusiasm and martyrdom of hundreds of Arab men to his advantage. Miller and Stone uncover every detail to provide a broad picture of Arab terrorism and its effect on the United States.

The shear amount of detail in this book is astounding. And it’s the authors’ attention to detail that makes the collaboration so successful and this book a winner.

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